Friday, 26 June 2015

Designer Touchdown all the way from Paris

Fantastic French Lingerie ready to be ruled in your wardrobe... Make way Ladies.....


Elegant and sophisticated lingerie and Night wear from the French designers under the Brand-AGALINE is now available in India.

The Brand offers you French touch to the inner wear bringing out the chic and elegance in a women.It further offers a wide range of designs and is high on quality.
With the lack of offerings in the lingerie the Brand AGALINE offers simple yet sophisticated comfortable options combining French Influences and Indian Preferences.


The Latest Collection is called Belle-Epoque ,taking inspiration from the Fantastic French Era
when French can can and Cabaret at their best.Laces and frills were prominent.
The key pieces focus on lacy night dresses ,elegant kimonos,sexy tops as well as comfortable everyday cotton wear shirts/pants ,tank tops offering in wide range of colors such as ivory ,navy ,fresh summer hues such as corals ,pastel pink and taupe.
The entire collection is a reflection of delicateness of the French laces.


They have a collection dedicated to the Body shapes and focused on the perfect fit for every women differently because one bra can fit one women perfectly and not her sister! They offer different styles for every different client.


AGALINE offers intense variety in terms of Fabrics such as high quality jersey cotton ,cotton silk ,French laces being the main focus of the Brand.They further have more to add on to the collection such as cute accessories ,silky ribbons and Bows.

BEST SELLER - The key piece of the Brand is The Sensual Tanga with full lace at the Bottom is one of the Best seller of the Brand.

Lets see what the Designers have to say more to us!

PB:What brands give you inspiration?
AGALINE: Mostly French Brands such as Princesse Tam Tam ,Aubade , Yse and Indian Designers such as Manish Arora and Ritu Kumar.

PB:Tips that you would like to offer to the women of Today

AGALINE: Its not about a particular piece of clothing but more about that very one item that the girl loves to wear because its comfy and very pretty.So a must have is something personal that evolves over time.

PB:How important is comfortable Lingerie?

AGALINE: Very Very Important.First for your comfort :Bra that is suited for your morphology will save you from back pain,comfortable lingerie makes you forget it instead being self conscious about it.Second for confidence:beautiful lingerie makes you believe no one can beat you.Indeed its only a piece of clothing that women wears for herself first.How can a women feel pretty with random lingerie!
We all need to know our foundations before we dress up!

PB:What was the idea behind starting your own lingerie brand?
AGALINE: Making available in India the elegant and sophisticated lingerie and night wear for women to be chic inside their homes as outside.Indian women deserve to have more lingerie and nightwear brands to choose from with different designs and of high quality.

PB:What do you have to say to the women of Today?

AGALINE: Lingerie and nightwear are fully part of the wardrobe of an elegant lady.It allows her more confidence and self respect as well.Its well recognized In European countries and starts to be well accepted  in India too.

PB:Your style mantra is....
AGALINE: Sexy Yet elegant,Elegance is also in what is not shown

PB:Lastly how are your products priced?
AGALINE: The price range starts Rs 1800/- till Rs 4200/-

We are glad that we have one more Lingerie brand now Available for the Indian women solving the size issues and giving perfectly shaped and Elegant lingerie to choose from.These ladies are sure here to stay for long time we say!


                           Meet the Designers Behind the Beautiful Brand - AGALINE 


                                                   AGALINE BRAND OWNERS
                                                        Agathe De La Chapelle
                                                              Caroline Joire

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Indian Designers who are rocking it Outside the Country!

 We bet that you can't get enough of this Indian Brand creating waves in Milan(Italy)-

Swayam by Swati Singh

This Indian brand far away from the country in Milan,Italy focuses on Indo-western designing and styling of the clothings.With the uniqueness and creative details given to each design the brand offers immense variety to the market.

About The Brand

The Brand - SWAYAM By Swati Singh has a lot to offer as it is a craft sensitive brand motivated in contemporary style which emphasizes on using long and lost techniques of craft and artistry.

The Latest collection has new age looks and styles to offer with the theme of flower power incorporated in them.

Key pieces to look forward to in the Latest Collection :-CHIKANKARI PIECES

The Brand also offers a wide range of Cotton and silk pieces.

Price range of the Brand-Rs1500/- to Rs 40,000/-

More About the Designer

Swayam was started by Swati Singh in 2012 who is from Lucknow,India.The City of nawabs is the core motivation and inspiration behind starting the brand SWAYAM.

A lot of Indian techniques and craft are well used and crafted in each design with precision by the designer.

A little more on the brand from the designer herself:

PB:what does the word 'Fashion' mean to you?
SS:Fashion is something which is within one,it is just needs to be nurtured and brought up in the right direction,with good spirit,

PB:How are your brand products different from the other brands available in the market?

SS:It has unique feature of my personal styling,also the pieces i develop are individualistic and customized for each individual separately ,along with style and wardrobe consultation.

PB:What is your style mantra?
SS:My style Mantra is Don't Dress up to Live Dress up to kill!

PB:Can you please share some styling tips/must have in every girl's wardrobe according to you?

SS:My Style tips to girls would be to keep a lot of sheer whites and blacks into your wardrobes for all seasons thats an integral part of the clothing.
Also some scarves plains and printed they really do the Magic!

PB:What are the brands that you follow closely or get inspired from?



PB:Some insights on your upcoming collection for our readers?
SS:Since its the spring season apart from just launching the Collection ,I am proposing Certain looks and style this season,for better understanding and incorporating them in this season.

PB:How and Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?

what kind of expansion plans do you have for your brand?
SS:My sole idea is to spread my designs and style universally and to the maximum.i would like to try and give the international platform in the coming years.

Well We Must say that the The Brand Swayam is definitely to watch out for this season,so if you are the ones who are looking to get a few pieces of indo-western outfits into your wardrobes now you know where to get your hands on!!

To Get in touch with the designer directly for personalized and customized services and styling the facebook page


                                              SWATI SINGH- OWNER AT SWAYAM